Saturday, March 27, 2010

No News is...well, No News...

I am 9DPIUI and the 2ww has been...torturous? Okay, not that bad but...what? Overwhelming for sure with so much going on & trying to function & complete day to day tasks when all my mind focuses on is, "am I?, aren't I?"

I started out last Thursday & Friday sure it had worked, I felt so Saturday, I just knew it hadn't...come Tuesday I started thinking maybe it worked...then Friday morning I woke up & thought, "Nope, no dice" basically, I have no idea.

I swore to myself that I would not buy & use HPT (home pregnancy tests) as I had read of so many women that do & it seemed easier for me to just wait for the blood test. By Tuesday when I started thinking maybe it would be better if I tested before just so I wouldn't be blindsided when the BT came back negative. I convinced myself that I'd rather know before getting the call from the clinic. I researched HPTs online & found that there's one you can take 6 days before your expected period...that would take me to Friday. So I convinced myself that I would buy the test on the way home from work Friday & take it Saturday morning...that is until a women on the SMC discussion group I belong to posted a link to an article on a study done about HPTs & negative/positive explained the percentage of accurate results & also the emotional toll taking them decided I would hold off. At least with no definitive answer, I can remain hopeful & optimistic.

As for "symptoms"...all of my symptoms can be explained breasts have been super sensitive & very sore (TMI, sorry bro) but the progesterone can cause that...I have had diarrhea (TMI, sorry everyone :)). Now, I have pre-existing bowel issues but this has been different than the usual but still can be explained away since I have been eating more fruit (trying to be healthy) so this could be the cause...& the wooziness, I think it's too early for this type of symptom but after I eat my breakfast, 15-20 minutes later I feel sort of nauseous & well, woozy & this lasts until about mid afternoon. I've also been very bloated. I write this off to me just being anxious & excited though...lastly, is the tightness I feel in my lower abdomen. Tuesday night I felt slight cramps when I was laying in bed. Could this have been implantation cramps? But the tightness is just...there...I also place little stock in all these "symptoms" since I am so hyper-sensitive to every twinge my body basically, I have no idea!

At least I only have 4 more days period is expected on Wednesday (CD28, 15DPIUI) but I go into the clinic for my BT on Tuesday (12DPIUI)...until then? Obsess, obsess, obsess :)


  1. I don't know how you're holding out, but good for you. Maybe you take a HPT on the BT day so you can deal with your emotions privately, like you had said? Take it right before you go in? Just a thought. I'm thinking that things are sounding super great for you, but just wanted to throw that out as a thought. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks Hera, I think that's a good idea...I can pick a test Monday on my way home from work & take it Tuesday am before I go for the BT

  3. Just a few more days!
    Hang in there.
    (and I also think Hera's idea is a good one :-))


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