Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Miracles of Modern Medicine

I have jumped ship...I'm out of the Doubt Boat...my friend gave me a fantastic quote that I have to remember:

That which comes too easily, we take for granted. That which we work for, we value.

I am feeling pretty good though...so so very excited...it looks as though Thursday will be the day, Thursday or Friday...

Now the miracles of modern medicine...not exactly a miracle (yet) but I find it pretty amazing that my uterine lining could be 5.5 yesterday then I stick a tiny little hormone pill up my hoo-hoo-dilly & this morning my lining is a wopping 6.8! Amazing!

My follicles are growing nicely as well...1.8, 1.7 & 1.3...I'm so proud of them :) I can't wait until tomorrow morning to see how things have changed....

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