Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fart Story

Because who doesn't love a good fart story...

I am at work trying to be productive & not think about my hCG numbers...about 1/2 hour after lunch my stomach starts cramping but more up under my ribs & down the middle of my abdomen...I'm a little concerned but try not to panic...then it starts getting worse, WAY WORSE!! Like someone has stabbed me with a knife & is proceeding to slash it all around inside me...and it keeps getting worse!! I am now doubled over at my desk, contemplating heading to the hospital, thoughts of everything I read on Google about ectopic pregnancies & hemorrhaging...I go to the washroom, no blood (pretty key to the hemorrhage theory)...back at my desk, doubled over squeezing my stomach and...


The "ttthhpp"? Me letting one rip...the giggle? Also me, I giggle when I's funny!

Anyway, I realize I feel a bit better...hummmm...then the pain starts up again...I press on my tummy, fart, giggle & feel a little better...this goes on for a while (good thing I have my own office!) & I realize that probably nothing's wrong with my little tadpole...this all may be caused by the pound of baby carrots I ate just before lunch...ya think? Note to self: lay off the carrots!!

Ah, farts, lol!!!

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